Visitor Services

The FIU Libraries are located on the Modesto A. Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay Campuses.


MMC Campus Map and Directions

BBC Campus Map and Directions

Interactive Multi-Campus Map

If you need to use the FIU Libraries more than once or for extended research, consider becoming a Library Associate. As a Library Associate you will receive a library card and can check-out materials for 30 days. For further information, please telephone 305-348-2451 (Modesto A. Maidique Campus) or 305-919-5718 (Biscayne Bay Campus).

Visitor Services Available from through the FIU Libraries

  • Reading, studying, and use of most library materials within the building during business hours
  • Use of tables and desks in Study Areas
  • Printing from computers and photocopiers
  • Use of computers for research--you may bring your laptop and have guest access to the Internet, though some levels of access may be limited
  • On-site Internet access (off-campus access to proprietary databases is available only for enrolled/registered students and employees of the university)
  • Reference and research assistance
  • Browse and use materials from most collections

Suggestions and Hints

  • Library maps are available at the service desks
  • There is a charge for printing and photocopying
  • Access to the campuses is by bus, car, bicycle, or other motorized vehicle
  • If you are driving and parking on campus, parking is available in two ways: either by parking in a metered parking space--most visitors will require a minimum of two hours per visit; the second method is to use visitor parking, which is available in parking decks and open air parking lots (Purchase a parking pass from a vending machine in the parking areas and place it in the front window of your car, and if you have questions please contact the Department of Parking and Traffic)
  • There are bike racks outside the library (Bring your own lock)

Other Important Information

Food and refreshment are available on both campuses in several locations. Hours of operations vary by day and time of year. Vending machines are located on both campuses.

FIU is a non-smoking campus as of January 2011. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, outside anywhere on campus, in vehicles, etc. Please comply and help the university provide a healthy environment.

Restroom facilities and water fountains are located on each floor.

Do not leave personal possessions unattended.

If you have questions during your visit, please ask a library staff member.