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Study Group Guidelines

Guidelines for forming and operating study groups for many purposes.

Guidelines for all Study Group Types

These are guidelines for all types of study groups (see the boxes on the left for specific study group guidelines).

General Guidelines for All Study Groups

  • Break the ice -- everyone introduces themselves, tells a little about oneself, keep this informative and friendly, and brief (1 minute each)
  • IMPORTANT -- Set the ground rules -- decide how meetings are scheduled, allow discussions without conflict, have everyone participate
  • Review the assignment -- make sure everyone has a strong understanding about what is expected individually and for the group
  • Communication skills -- establish conversation protocol that allows polite discussion, and ensures that all members get a chance to speak
    • No interrupting -- be patient, raise your hand, wait your turn
    • No monopolizing the conversation -- be prepared to share the meeting time, not dominate it
    • Sometimes no will be talking, meaning that members are thinking about what was just discussed
  • Organize the work -- establish the priorities of the group, what goals need to be accomplished and what order, who is responsible for the goals (all or everyone is assigned one or more goals individually)
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