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SLS-1501 First Year Experience

SLS-1501 Library LibGuide

Welcome to FIU!  You've made a great decision to be here! 

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This is a Library resource to support work in the SLS-1501 class.  To access class information and the syllabus log into Canvas.

The First Year Experience SLS-1501 is designed to help freshmen students develop academic, personal, and 21st Century skills that will help them succeed at FIU and beyond.
  • Becoming part of college life -- studies, academic achievements, making new friends, developing relationships, networking
  • Learn how to handle stress and dealing with depression should this be the case
  • Develop real-life skills:
    • Managing your time -- classes, social events, studying time, sleeping, etc.
    • Finding friends that enhance your growth and have a positive effect on your life
    • Learning how to manage your personal or household budget, educational expenses, and living expenses
    • Develop study skills that can become a lifelong tool
    • Learn to think critically, to question statements and opinions, and to develop your opinions based on fact and evidence
    • Become an expert communicator - say what you mean, be precise not vague, learn to be diplomatic when expressing your opinions, understand that everyone's opinion is their right
    • Discover the power of reflective thinking
    • Enjoy your time in college -- your life will change for the better!