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SLS-1402 Discover Your Major

SLS-1402 Library LibGuide

This is a Library resource to support work in the SLS-1402 class.  In this course you will seek to discover a major and career that appeals to you through self-exploration, identify personal skills and interests, design a path for major and career consideration, and identify challenges to success and how to overcome them.

To access class information including the syllabus, please go to Canvas and log in to your account.

Discover Your Major SLS-1402 is designed to help freshmen students discover potential majors that will lead to an exciting career.  This learning path includes:

  • Identifying subjects and majors in which you have an interest, including those majors you would have never considered before
  • Matching your skills and talents with majors that will help you develop better skills and become more talented
  • Understand that there may be barriers in the path to success, but learning about barriers and solutions in this course will help you successfully navigate towards your graduation day