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SDC Platinum

Use this guide to learn how to get started with SDC Platinum.

SDC Platinum FAQ's

What is SDC Platinum?

SDC Platinum is a collection of financial databases that provides worldwide information.  


What modules do we subscribe to in SDC Platinum?

We subscribe to the Bankruptcy module only.


Where can I access SDC Platinum?

SDC Platinum is installed on the Dell Computers in the Tech Hub on the 2nd floor of Green Library.


What are the login initials?



When would I use SDC Platinum?

SDC Platinum is useful for research on bankruptcies.


How do I save the reports that I created in SDC Platinum?  

Be sure to bring a zip drive to save your work.  The library computers do not allow any work to be saved to the desktop.  


Where can I get more help?

Check out the libguide at for a basic tutorial.  Read through the user's handbook on SDC Platinum. Download the factsheet from Thomson Reuters.