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Race, Gender, and Science in the Atlantic World

Created to facilitate research in Dr. Gondek's Fall AMH 4761 class, we will examine the intersection of race, gender, and science in a historical context.

More Help on Sources

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If you want to find Primary Sources in a Catalog search, just type "Sources" as a Subject Term. Results will be limited to materials that contain primary source material.


You can also append "-- sources" to an existing Subject Term, like "United States -- History -- Sources"

Sources from the Catalog

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Transgender News: Pre-1900



It is important to distinguish between primary and secondary source material. On this page, you will find a brief guide to understanding the differences between these two types of sources and where to find both primary and secondary materials in the library.

Race, Gender, and Science Primary Source Databases

About Scientific Primary Sources

Health Sciences: in the context of health sciences research, a primary source is an article about a study written by the researchers who conducted the study. Look for sections labeled "Methods," "Results," etc. and use of first-person pronouns ("I" or "we"). Not every primary source will contain these sections/pronouns, and non-primary sources may use them as well, but you can use these sections/pronouns as general guidelines. For more information, see the FIU Libraries' Primary Sources guide and the American Journal of Nursing's Primary and Secondary Sources guide (.doc).1

Biology: research or lab notes, genetic evidence, plant specimens, technical reports, and other reports of original research or discoveries (e.g., conference papers and proceedings, dissertations, scholarly articles).

1. Barbara SorondoInfo.: Terms to Know ​

American Newspapers

Empire Studies Newspapers