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PokéGuide: Pokémon GO @FIULibraries

Your definitive PokéGuide to catching 'em all at FIU, brought to you by the FIU Libraries.

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Melissa Del Castillo

Melissa Del Castillo

Team Mystic

Favorite Pokémon: Goldeen




Team Mystic

Favorite Pokémon: Jigglypuff



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We would also like to thank the following FIU Libraries staff members and FIU students for their contributions to the screenshots and information on this guide:

  • Ashley Garcia
  • Holly Morganelli
  • Randy

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from their site

Pokémon is a media franchise spawned from a role-playing video game series developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo beginning in 1996. The title is a portmanteau formed by combining the Japanese words “Poketto Monsutā” (ポケットモンスター), “Pocket Monsters” in English. The games and other media surrounding it revolve around the capturing different types of these creatures, the titular Pokémon, and using them in battle. Outside of the original games, Pokémon has been used in anime, manga, trading cards, toys, films and books among other things. Online, Pokémon has a large fan community, spawning fan art, fiction and memetic content.