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PokéGuide: Pokémon GO @FIULibraries

Your definitive PokéGuide to catching 'em all at FIU, brought to you by the FIU Libraries.

Pokéstops & Gyms

There are tons of Pokéstops around campus! Here are just a few of the ones we have found so far...

This list is being continually updated as we find new ones, so check back soon.

Around the Green Library (GL):

  • The Green Library breezeway (our personal favorite).
  • The José Martí sculpture (by the lake).

Around PC:

  • The fountain.
  • Forest Floor.
  • The torch.

Around GC:

  • Metal Walkway outside GC (by the Barnes & Noble exit).
  • Pumpkin Patch painting (by the hair salon/barber shop).

Around DM:

  • Hanging gardens (in the plaza).
  • The Tree of Life.
  • The leaf sculpture.

Around CP:

  • The parabola (in the center of the building).

Around PCA:

  • The building itself.
  • Whoopie statue.

Other Locations:

  • Fountain west of the SIPA building.
  • The TWR (Public Safety Tower) building (Veterans and Military Affairs).
  • The courtyard at RDB (College of Law).
  • The Living Cell near the AHCs.
  • The Nature Preserve and Jogging Path.
  • Wertheim Conservatory Greenhouse.
  • The North Entrance fountain (on 112th avenue).
  • Wiggly Pencil.
  • Asterisk chairs between MANGO and the Ryder Building.
  • Wall mural at the Ryder Building.
  • The ZEB building.
  • Wiggly Pencil art installation.
  • Mark B. Rosenberg Memorial Bench (by the pond between ECS and the greenhouse, next to VH).
  • Night Springs (painting) by Romero Britto.
  • Abstract Yin Yang painting.

If you do not know the code for a building, check the MMC map on the "Walking Routes & HP" page of this guide.

  1. The red penne sculpture at the 16th street entrance.
  2. The bone wall by the Wertheim Conservatory.
  3. AHC 5 building.
  4. ECS building.
  5. The panther statue in front of the U.S Century Bank Arena.

pokemon go graphix

Graphic by Nadine Matas/The Beacon

Train Yourself: Your Gym

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