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Library Help for Online Nursing Students

Library and research advice and resources for online nursing students.

Use the Databases to Find Articles

Note: you need to have a topic in mind before you start searching for articles in databases.

Need help constructing a search for the databases?

Start by reading this short guide:

Want more information?

Need specialized help for complex searches?

Once you graduate from FIU, you will no longer have off-campus access to FIU's databases, but that does not mean you will stop needing articles! PubMed (the public version of MEDLINE) is the #1 free choice for finding articles on health topics.

Practice using PubMed as a student so you can use it expertly as a professional after you graduate. Use the guide below for information and assistance, or contact a librarian for help.

Have Search Restrictions? Use Database Limits

Databases have options (called filters or limits) that let you retrieve only results that match your search restrictions. Different databases have different options, but below are some frequent restrictions and which top health sciences database (CINAHL, MEDLINE, or both) you should use if you need to apply the corresponding filters/limits. Look for these options in the advanced search page of the database below the search boxes. Some options are also available to the side (usually left) of your results.

  • Publication Year: Both
  • Publication Type: Both
  • Journal Subset: CINAHL
  • Language: Both
  • Research Article: CINAHL
  • Human Research: Both
  • Participant Age: Both
  • Geographic Location (Country): CINAHL
  • Any Author is a Nurse: CINAHL
  • Evidence-Based Practice: CINAHL

There is one limit/filter you should not use: the full text option. Full text refers to full text in that one specific database, but FIU has access to approximately 1,000 databases. If you select the full text option, you are removing articles available in the other 999 databases!

Other Options

find it icon

Check quickly for access to an article if you already have the citation.

Using the Citation Linker tool above, enter the journal (not article!) title, the volume number, and the first page number only, then click the "Look Up" button. The article will appear right away if it is available at the FIU Libraries or provide alternative options if not.


Search in BrowZine, an online newsstand of journals available at the FIU Libraries.

You can also see a list of e-journals in nursing available at FIU: