"Inspicio" Shines Light on South Florida Arts

Inspicio [een-spee-cho], now available through FIU’s Digital Commons, provides an intellectually sophisticated showcase for the most exciting talent within Miami and South Florida’s diverse arts communities.

A blend of traditional magazine articles and recorded interviews with some of the most notable leaders in the Arts, Inspicio aspires to be a sophisticated enabler of the arts that is a “Must-See” resource for a global audience interested in the Miami-South Florida art scene.

In collaboration with FIU’s College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA), the FIU Libraries now provides access to Inspicio’s unique content through Digital Commons. The latest issue includes interviews with:


Inspicio serves as a bridge between arts journalism and academia by blending experienced writers, designers, photographers, and digital technologists with FIU students, faculty, and professional staff

Inspicio supports CARTA’s mission by providing a platform and process for FIU students to critically examine and comment upon the art communities and activities of South Florida, and have the opportunity to publish their work alongside professional writers who are regularly published in the world’s best publications like The New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

You can also visit Inspicio.fiu.edu to view additional content or download the Inspicio app from the Apple App store to read on your iPad or iPhone. For a complimentary subscription of Inspicio please click here.


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