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A guide to accessing and using MEDLINE through Ovid, ProQuest, and PubMed.


Welcome to the FIU Libraries' MEDLINE LibGuide. This guide will help you learn how to use MEDLINE, the U.S. National Library of Medicine's biomedicine bibliographic database. MEDLINE is accessible via several platforms: Ovid (licensed via FIU), ProQuest (licensed via FIU), and PubMed (available to the general public). Explore this guide to learn the differences between the platforms and how to access MEDLINE using each one.

Before You Begin...

Checkpoint: Database Basics

Do you know how and when to use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), parentheses, quotations marks, and asterisks in your search phrases?


Are You Using This Database for a Systematic Review?

See the guides below for step-by-step instructions on conducting systematic reviews and using other recommended health sciences databases.



Reuse Information

Barbara M. Sorondo, FIU Libraries

This LibGuide is provided with an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license, unless otherwise noted. If you would like to reuse any part of this LibGuide for noncommercial educational or instructional purposes, please contact and credit the guide's creator, Barbara M. Sorondo, Health Sciences Librarian at the FIU Libraries, or the original content creator as noted, and include a link to the source.