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FIU Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary IPCD LibGuide

This LibGuide contains resources pertaining to Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration.

IPCD Microcredential Badge

Current and future generations of professionals need to be prepared to meet the demands and challenges of our world. IPCD education can assist universities in preparing individuals to meet complex challenges through collaborative efforts. Through IPCD education, students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to be part of a team comprised of individuals from various disciplines who can bring different perspectives to reach successful outcomes with a spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion. The diverse perspectives and approaches generated by IPCD collaboration has synergistic opportunities to go beyond the knowledge of one discipline and unlock the future possibilities offered by the power of the collective mind.

To achieve interprofessional competency, the Faculty Senate IPCD Education Subcommittee has developed an innovative Micro-Credential as well as a professional development course on interprofessional collaboration, based on the IPEC 2016 National Competencies. Completion of this Micro-Credential will allow students to achieve real triumphs in local, national, and global arenas involving collaborative efforts of disciplines and professions.

In this section, you will find:

  • Micro-Credential/Badge course outline.
  • Student learning objectives (SLO) for the Micro-Credentialing course.

Microcredential Badges @ FIU

microbadges at fiu

Search the catalog for Micro-Credentials being offered. If you are a current FIU student, you may be able to earn Micro-Credentials by taking existing courses. Once you find the Micro-Credential that best aligns with your goals, reach out to the Micro-Credential contact for enrollment information and the next steps.