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FIU Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary IPCD LibGuide

This LibGuide contains resources pertaining to Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration.

Save the Date

Dear Faculty,  


Faculty Senate Interprofessional and Cross-Disciplinary (IPCD) Committee is organizing a virtual event on February 22, 2024, from 1:00-5:00 PM. 

The goal of this senate committee event is to foster a collaborative culture among different disciplines and professions at FIU. 

The online event will involve FIU administrators, deans, faculty, and students.  

More information to be followed. 

Kind regards, 


Dr. Deborah Sherman, Chair-Faculty IPCD Committee 

Dr. Alok Deoraj, Co-Chair IPCD Engagement Committee            

Dr. Noel Barengo, Faculty Senate Chair  



Inaugural Program

Watch the presentation of the inaugural event,
"Stronger Together Through Collaboration"