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FIU Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary IPCD LibGuide

This LibGuide contains resources pertaining to Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration.

FIU Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

COIL enables intercultural teams to develop meaningful collaborative projects that increase students’ and faculty members’ knowledge and help them better understand and empathize with other people’s perspectives. Faculty from different countries or disciplines partner to design experiences to connect diverse knowledge and perspectives across borders, time, place, language, and discipline.

COIL provides a variety of supports to faculty partners developing or implementing COIL's across undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education curricula. This include:

COIL Design Workshops: Conducted throughout the academic year, this six module, fully online workshop enables cohorts of partnered faculty to design a COIL Module Plan for implementation in a subsequent semester. The workshop involves asynchronous self-paced readings and resources and four 2-hours synchronous Zoom sessions for instructor-led training, partner brainstorming, and peer feedback. (20 hours).

Coaching and mentorship: COIL partners will receive ongoing assistance with COIL design and instruction from FIU COIL, Media Technology Services, and experienced COIL faculty.

Connections to other internationalized teaching, learning, research, and professional development opportunities: FIU COIL will connect you to a wide array of opportunities for you and your students to take global learning to the next level. Monthly COIL Faculty Hangouts will increase your connections within FIU and introduce you to resources and ideas that elevate your personal and professional success.

Link to COIL website: