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FIU Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary IPCD LibGuide

This LibGuide contains resources pertaining to Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration.

Welcome to the Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary Resources LibGuide

The goal of this guide is to encourage faculty, staff, and students to collaborate with colleagues outside of their disciplines in education, research/scholarship, and practice/service. This is important in the creation of new knowledge and innovative ways of solving complex problems within our society. Through Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary collaboration, there is the opportunity for synergistic interactions that promote the best collective thinking of members of different professions. 

Florida International University Faculty Senate Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary Committee, with the support of the University administration, is very excited about the possibilities of enhancing collaboration across the colleges, schools, and departments of the University. We believe that WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER through Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary collaboration at FIU.

Please use the resources of the Interprofessional Libguide to learn and engage in Interprofessional Cross-Disciplinary collaboration (IPCD).