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Research How: Information Literacy Toolbox: InfoLit Modules

Find tutorials on navigating the library website, resources for your research journey through searching, evaluating, & citing, and subject specific guides & databases

Instruct: Getting Started With Research

Instruct: Evaluating Information & Bias

Instruct: Visual and Quantitative Literacy

Instruct: Sources of Information

Instruct: Presenting Research & Data

Instruct: Citations

Instruct: Searching for Information

Instruct: Information Ethics

Instruct: Using Critical Thinking & Logic

brainUsing Critical Thinking and Logic

Logical reasoning is the process of observation, gathering evidence, and building an argument with the goal of reaching a conclusion. As a student, you can use logical reasoning to solve problems and develop ideas in your academic and personal life.

Instruct: Culture and Citizenship

Instruct Help

How can I retake a quiz?

You will need to clear your browser history, try another browser, or use incognito mode. The modules are set to prevent you from retaking the same quiz. Clearing cache & browser history will reset the quiz.

*Once you take a quiz: You must clear your cache & browser history to retake the quiz.

What if I am getting an error message?

  1. First, start by clearing your cache & history.
  2. Then try to navigate through the complete course to the specific item.

Where can I find the Credo InfoLit videos, tutorials, and quizzes?

To view the complete inventory of videos, tutorials, & quizzes, visit FIU's Instruct Course and login with your FIU credentials. Use the updated links.