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History of South Africa

Originally prepared for Dr. Lindsey Maxwell's courses on South African History.


Welcome to this LibGuide. This guide provides an introduction to library research services and specific history resources relevant to the study of South African History.


Brainstorm How to start conducting research.
Citation How to organize your research to effectively write and cite a paper or project.
Reference Where to find the reference materials that will form the base of a research project.
Sources (Scholarly/Primary) How to differentiate between Scholarly & Popular articles. How to determine if material qualifies as a primary or secondary source.
Articles How to use the FIU Databases to locate scholarly articles that will further your research.
Help Where to go if you need a little more help.

Also on this Introduction page are the latest headlines from the Department of History Student Organization (DOHGSA). Check out the latest departmental information!



Christopher Jimenez, FIU Libraries

This LibGuide is provided with an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license. If you would like to reuse any part of this LibGuide for noncommercial educational or instructional purposes, please contact and credit the guide's creator, Christopher Jimenez, Web Services Librarian at the FIU Libraries, and include a link to this guide.