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Library Hacks

Your tech toolbox for using and sharing library resources.

About LTI Tools


Canvas and LibGuides talk to each other now! This means content created by librarians can now live in a dedicated Canvas page within your course shell.

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Talk to your Instructional Designer for technical details. Ask your librarian for a custom class guide.

Leganto for Course Readings

Why Use Leganto?

Leganto is a tool that seamlessly integrates library materials into your course. The tool will launch in Fall 2023, and we are looking for early adopters to try it out in this Summer.


  • Are you looking for new tools, resources, or materials for your course?
  • Are you interested in reducing the price of textbooks for students?
  • Do you have an assignment that requires students to find peer-reviewed articles or other materials?
  • Do you get complaints from students that the library is confusing?


If so, Leganto is the tool for you! Join our early adopter group and get started in Summer 2023!

Leganto is Efficient:

  • Easy to use.
  • Full integration of library materials in Canvas.
  • No need to deal with off-campus access or permalink maintenance - your material links automatically update in Leganto.
  • Course materials can be saved and reused in other courses or future semesters, providing an easy way to refresh your course content.
  • Lists can be created and shared across courses and/or among colleagues.

Benefits for Students:

  • Free alternative to high-cost textbooks.
  • Easy access – Library Course Materials lists are available in Canvas with mouse click. No multiple logins; no dead links!
  • Students can search for library content directly from your course. No excuses from students citing Wikipedia!

Become an Early Adopter!

We are looking for early adopters to use Leganto in the summer. Interested? If so, let us know!


Business & Online Learning Librarian

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Sarah J. Hammill

Library Manager, Law Library

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John Gonzalez

Setting up LibGuides in Canvas

Linking to Library Content

When can I link to library content?

  • Link to library content whenever you want to assign specific reading materials to students that the library has in either the catalog or in one of our database offerings.
  • If you want to recommend a search source, you can use the FIU Libraries LTI Tool to share a direct link to a database.

Which link should I share?

  • The link in your browser window is not stable and is unlikely to work for your students. Do not simply copy/paste the URL in the browser window.
  • Instead, look in the toolbox or menu of the database to locate a permalink or stable URL or a database-provided link to the resource.

Is there a good reason to do this?

  • The permalink will always route students through the appropriate authentication method and back into the resource. This process should be seamless.
  • Since most of our resources authenticate through Open Athens, if students click on a link in Canvas their SSO credentials should pass through and they may not even be required to log in again.
  • FIU Libraries and vendors manage the Full Text of the document. Therefore, we handle access for copyright issues and we ensure accessibility of the document.

Does this work every time?

  • We cannot guarantee that any piece of technology works perfectly every single time. There can be hiccups in the process. Please reach out if you have any problems linking to resources and our team will get to the bottom of the issue.