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Freedom of Speech

This guide will explore topics and controversy related to the First Amendment.

What is a campus free-speech zone?

"Limiting student protests and demonstrations to certain select areas of the campus"
An overview of Free- Speech Zones by David L. Hudson Jr., First Amendment Scholar, and Andrew Gargano, First Amendment Center Intern

Expressive Activities and Free Speech

Since its inception in 1965, FIU has dedicated itself to the support and growth of its diverse student population and strives to produce an atmosphere which encourages both students and faculty to exercise their freedom of speech on a variety of issues. We cherish the right of free speech and understand the great benefit provided to our campus community and society at large when everyone can express themselves, regardless of whether others agree. One of FIU's values is Freedom of thought and expression, regardless of the content of that thought and expression.

FIU's Regulation FIU-110: Expressive Activities in Outdoor Areas on Campus Regulation is in place to provide the means by which students and others can lawfully have expressive activities such as assemblies, exercises of free speech, protests, parades, marches, and picketing on campus. Regulation FIU-111: Camping discusses permissible use of University grounds for the purpose of living accommodation, no matter the duration, such as sleeping, storing personal belongings, and cooking, and specifically includes, without limitation, erecting tents and temporary structures. Please review these policies and this site to learn more.

Any student or organization with questions or concerns regarding the ability to conduct expressive activities at FIU is encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office at (305) 348-2797.

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