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FIU Language Day!

The 4th Annual FIU Language Day was a day filled with music, food, trivia, games, and communication! 

Upwards of 250 people attended the various locations to practice their language skills in a fun non-threatening environment.  Pop-up speakers shared why they were motivated to learn a language and how learning a language made an impact on their education and career. Participants tried their luck in trivia and others belted out songs in their favorite language.  Students learned about different clubs and enjoyed a bite to eat.  

If you listened closely, you might have heard a little bit of Haitian Creole, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American Sign Language, French, German, Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Italian, Pirate, Luganda, Bengali, Urdu, Mandarin, Hindi, Greek, Persian, Slovak, and of course, Spanglish!

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FIU Language Day in China!