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FIU Language Day!

3rd Annual Language Day a Big Success!

The 3rd Annual FIU language Day event was a huge success!  More than 300 students, faculty, staff, and alumni attended the event in the three different venues.  Attendees took part in language trivia, language conversations, language karaoke, and information gathering from student clubs and academic organizations.  The connections and conversations that took place bridged gaps and lead to new friendships.  One student commented, "This is what FIU is all about, our community, our cultures."  Another participant mentioned, "Singing in different languages is one of the best ways to break down barriers and open up understanding among different cultures".

Stay tuned for next year!

Languages Spoken

Languages as common as Spanish and English were heard throughout FIU Language Day but if you listened closely some of the other beautiful sounds included Haitian Creole (14), French (27), German (3), Japanese (17), Portuguese (14), Urdu (1), Prakirt (1), ASL (3), Telugu (1), Latin (1), Tagalog (2), Swahili (1), Bengali (2), Hindi (6), Patois (2), Taiwanese (1), Korean (6), Arabic (2), Chinese (14), Sanskrit (1), Serbian (1), Croatian (1), Bosnian (1), Macedonian (1), Afrikaans (1), Catalan (1), Vietnamese (2), Turkish (1), Rohingya (1), Twi - Ghanaian Language (1), and Russian (2). 

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