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FIU Language Day!

Friday November 15, 2019 11am - 2pm


Just a taste of the languages spoken at FIU Language Day!

German Club

Flags of the World

Brazilian Club


Þakka þér to the Consulate of Iceland for participating!

Language Reunions

Italian Club

Language Conversations


Tack så mycket to the Consulate of Sverige in Fort Lauderdale for participating!

Tai Chi


My Flag! 

Trinidad & Tobago

Read all about FIU Language Day in the Beacon!

Belly Dancing


Muchas Gracias to the Agregaduría de Educación for participating!


Many thanks to FIU Online for the comida!

Many thanks to Peace Corps Prep @ FIU for participating!

ありがとうございました to the Japanese Exchange & Teaching Program (JET)  for participating!

Languages in the World!