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FIU Language Day!

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Thursday November 16, 2023

​11am - 2pm

GL 220, GL 1st Floor TV Lounge, GL Breezeway


2022 Written Feedback from a Global Learning Student:

Language Day at FIU

Where to start!? Language day at FIU was an amazing experience. As much as I interact in class, believe it or not I have my days and I was so surprised that I attended language day. First, it was packed with people, students, professors, directors, you name it. The audience was mixed, I met a Jamaican woman who was born in Jamaica, but her parents are Chinese, a person from Germany, and other people from Hispanic countries such as Venezuela, Peru, and Cuba. I meet Cuban people often so meeting someone from Venezuela was exciting to hear about how they were raised. I also met a woman who was part of directing, she is Haitian American like me! I learned about different foods, like the correct way to make pasta and its ingredients. The person teaching the pasta lesson is of Italian decent. I also got a little taste from Paris, learned the ingredients and method to make Madeleine pastries. My favorite part was the Chinese Language & Culture. Oh, em gee, seeing one of the girls who is African American speak Chinese fluently had me in a chokehold. Why? Because it is fascinating to know that she understood what she was reading and picking up a second language and communicating with other Chinese people. I was also intrigued by the history, clothing and to arts.