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FIU Language Day!

Friday November 15, 2019 11am - 2pm


Join us on

Monday November 16th at 3pm for Language Trivia!




Tuesday November 17th at 12pm for FIU Language Day Conversations!



Language Trivia


We are taking FIU Language Day Trivia  online! Join us to test your language and cultural skills in a fun game of trivia!           

Language Day Conversations

Learning a new language? Need someone to practice with? If yes, come practice your language skills in a non-threatening environment!

Meet new people and strike up a conversation!
This event is open for everyone, from those studying a language for a grade to those making great use of the quarantine to learn a language on their own.

Monday November 16th at 3pm Tuesday November 17th at 12pm

Register @

Register @



Pics from FIU Language Day 2019