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FIU Digital Commons

Information on publishing, archiving and promoting your research through FIU's institutional repository

SelectedWorks is a faculty profile system supported by the FIU Libraries. It combines the individuality of a faculty page with the functionality, content and automation of Digital Commons. All content in SelectedWorks is optimized for discovery in Google and Google Scholar and is included in the university's Expert Gallery.

Advantages of Selected Works

  • Easy to manage, organize and upload research, course work, presentations, data etc.
  • Generate readership reports
  • Higher google rankings than regular faculty websites, making your work more findable to a global audience
  • The page is yours and you can take it to another institution
  • Send out mailings to subscribers

These short (3-5 minute videos) provide you with some additional insights into the benefits of creating a SelectedWorks profile:

SelectedWorks: Shaping Your Online Scholarly Reputation
SelectedWorks: Maximizing the Impact of Your Scholarship
SelectedWorks: Showcasing Your Full Range of Work


Getting Started

1. Go to

2. Sign Up Select the Menu button at the top of the page and select Sign Up to create an account. Fill out the required fields starting with your FIU email. Select your URL (this cannot be changed later) and institutional affiliation. If you already have a SelectedWorks page, you can affiliate it to FIU.

3. Add biographical information to your profile. Enter an introductory paragraph at the top of the page along with a photo. Select the About tab to include information about yourself including: positions held, your cv, courses taught, research interests, and awards.

4. Adding content. There are several different ways to add content. Begin by clicking the Add work button and select from the following options:

  • Upload a File -Create Metadata and Upload your own versions of your work. Always be sure to check the copyright permissions of any work that has been published elsewhere.
  • Add a Link - Link out to your work. This is especially useful if your publisher will not allow you upload a copy of your work.
  • Add Metadata - Include descriptive information only for your work.
  • Import works - This will search Digital Commons and identify any papers that might be yours. Click the box next to each title that is yours; choose the appropriate document type; and choose appropriate display categories. Then, click "Import." The paper will then appear on your site.​

***We recommend you use the Import function when you first create your profile.***

If you have a large body of work that is not available in Digital Commons, please contact us. Our administrators may be able to import many of your citations via our Harvest Tool, which pulls metadata for publications from academic resources.

If you have new content or have never submitted work to Digital Commons, please send the items to Jill Krefft at Our staff will upload your work to Digital Commons and then you may import them to your SelectedWorks page.

To learn more about managing your profile, Download the SelectedWorks Uer Guide.





Because SelectedWorks is a non-commercial site that provides detailed usage and download counts for all your work, institutionally branded profile pages, persistent URLs, and consultation services to assist in managing your publications. In addition, publishers and funders often allow you to post your articles in an Institutional Repository (and a SelectedWorks profile) even when they won't allow you to on social media sites like Researchgate and

Sites like Researchgate and are all fine and good, however you should keep in my a few things:

  1. What are you signing away when you sign up for a profile on these sites? For example, when you create a profile on, you must agree to the following terms of service                                                           By making any Member Content available through the Site or Services, you hereby grant to a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, sublicenseable, perpetual, royalty-free license to reproduce, modify for formatting purposes, prepare derivative works based upon, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, and otherwise use your Member Content in connection with operating and providing the Services and Content to you and to other Members. (
  2. Who can create an account?                                                                                                                              Anyone, that's who. While many of the profiles are legitimate, there are many that are not, just like on any social media site. So you may find spammers, predatory publishers, or folks posting research papers that are false or unreviewed.