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Introduction to Author Dashboard

What is an Author Dashboard?

The Author Dashboard is a personalized reporting tool for authors with works published in Digital Commons or SelectedWorks. As an author, you can easily access your dashboard to view real-time download information for every work you publish and explore your readership at a global level.


What is included in the Author Dashboard?

Information included in the Author Dashboard:

  • Readership Map - Visualizes global downloads of all work in Digital Commons
  • Download Reports - Detailed download information including downloads by: Individual Work, Date, Institution, Country, and Referrer sites.
  • Share functionality - Share your entire dashboard with others by giving them a guest link - no password or login is needed. Direct them to a specific work and/or date range using the options above.


How Do I Access My Author Dashboard?

A link to the Author Dashboard is available on your My Account page within Digital Commons and SelectedWorks. To access the dashboard:

  • If not logged in, first click the My Account tab on a Digital Commons or SelectedWorks site, then enter the email address and password associated with your bepress account log in. You can login using your FIU email and password in the FIU Portal portion of the My Accounts Page.
  • Once you are logged in, click Author Dashboard in the Dashboard Tools section on your My Account page to view your dashboard.

You may also access the dashboard using a link in your monthly readership email without first having to log in.

Demonstrate Your Impact - Digital Commons Author Dashboard

Explore Your Readership Through the Readership Map

The readership map helps to visualize the global reach of your research in Digital Commons.

Track Usage Through Download Reports

View Download reports for all your work as well as each individual item.

Share your Readership Reports

Easily share your readership map and download reports with guests easily through the share function in the Author Dashboard.

Monthly Readership Reports to Your E-mail

Each month, you will receive readership reports for all your work in Digital Commons. You can access detailed information from the Author Dashboard. Learn more about the Digital Commons Author Dashboard.