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Faculty Services + Resources

This page is intended to acquaint you with the suites of services available to faculty. Take advantage of resources and services listed and offer your suggestions for how we can better assist you and your students.

EZProxy URL Generator

Want to view a specific resource or URL while off-campus?

If yes, then use the URL Link Generator!


Simply paste the document URL into one of the boxes below and click "create." This will add the correct prefix to your URL and lead you to the Off-Campus Access page. Once you have connected from off-campus you will be taken to the article — it's just that easy.

Regarding Permissions

Please note that a proxied URL will give students off-campus access to material which FIU Libraries currently owns access rights. If we do not have a subscription to the material, you can contact your subject librarian or you may request the material using the Faculty Materials Request Form.

Standard URL

Use this form for URL's that start with "http://". Your URL will be appended to our Proxy and shown below.

Secure URL

Use this form for Secure URL's. These typically start with "https://". Your URL will be appended to our Proxy and shown below.