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Consumer Analysis in Emerging Markets


This guide will identify company & industry information, statistics and demographic information, and country information.

Explore the pages to the left to find resources for information on emerging markets.

When searching, be sure to use AND between different terms and OR between similar terms.  For example:

emerging markets* OR developing econom*


     Brand extension proposal background

Describes the brand extension idea in detail


Which emerging market is targeted?

What is the brand? What is the product category? What is your brand extension’s name? What are the functions of the product? (original, creative ideas)

     Target market

Which segment(s) within your emerging market will you target? Describe their location, purchase habits, income, and size to justify the feasibility of this market. (Cite secondary data sources)

What target market need(s) does it solve? (Cite secondary data sources)

What products are substitutes or competitors for your brand extension?(Cite secondary data sources)

How will your extension serve the target market’s needs better than these substitutes/competitors?

     Marketing mix

Where will it be sold and why? (Cite secondary data sources)

What media will you use to advertise the product? What advertising message will you use? How does that message address the specific needs/motives of the target market?

What price(s) will the extension be sold? Will you price below, above, or same as substitutes/competitors? Why? (Cite secondary data sources)

What are the brand extension product’s attributes, varieties?