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EDG7362 - Instruction: Theory and Research

EDG7362 - Instruction: Theory and Research

Course Description

Theories of instruction and research in the learning process, creativity, the thought process, human relations and group dynamic and other fields related to the development of instructional theory and practice. Issues affecting instruction will be critically examined.

Course Goals

This course is designed to provide an extensive foundational experience in the field of Instruction for students seeking a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction and related fields in education. At the completion of this course, each student will identify and recognize theories and theorists, as well as current research directly related to the Instructional process. Each student will also analyze psychological, epistemological, and socio-cultural influences on instruction and identify components of instructional theory and research relevant to the field of instruction. These goals will be accomplished through active preparation for and in regular seminars and through involvement in the development of a research project developed by each participant/group.

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