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Dual Enrollment Guide

This guide is for students and teachers in FIU's dual enrollment program.

Welcome Dual Enrollment Students!

This guide will help you with your research.  We recommend that you complete the tutorials below.  You are required to complete the following quizzes.  Review the tutorials to answer the quiz questions. 

Instruct: Getting Started With Research

Sources of Information

Searching for Information

Searching for Information

This module covers the basics of searching for information, including choosing the right source, identifying keywords, and search techniques.

 Find learning objectives, standards addressed, discussion topics, & activity ideas here


  1. Introduction
  2. Video: Choosing a Database
  3. Tutorial: Choosing and Using Keywords
  4. Quiz: Choosing a Database
  5. Quiz: Choosing and Using Keywords
  6. Tutorial: Search Techniques Part 1
  7. Tutorial: Search Techniques Part 2
  8. Video: Refining Search Results
  9. Quiz: Search Techniques
  10. Instructor Guide 

Evaluating Information

Citations & Academic Integrity