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An easy to understand guide on Copyright.




Open Electronic Resources are generally licenced under an open copyright licence, such as Creative Commons, and made available online to be used by teachers and students.

All Creative Commons licenses have many important features in common. Every license helps creators — we call them licensors if they use our tools — retain copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work — at least non-commercially. Every Creative Commons license also ensures licensors get the credit for their work they deserve. Every Creative Commons license works around the world and lasts as long as applicable copyright lasts (because they are built on copyright). These common features serve as the baseline, on top of which licensors can choose to grant additional permissions when deciding how they want their work to be used.

Open Education Resources will almost always state how they can be reused. Sometimes, it will include a note such as "licensed with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike." Other times look for one of the images below.