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The new RefWorks increases researcher productivity by simplifying the research experience. It is the one tool that researchers need to gather, organize, read, and cite their research materials.  It also makes it easy to collaborate with others on joint projects.

  • Collect and Import – With RefWorks it is simple and fast, to collect or import materials. Auto completion of reference data and retrieval of full text saves time and ensures accurate citations.
  • Manage Research – RefWorks enables users to organize, read, and annotate everything they collect and import.
  • Share and Collaborate – RefWorks smoothly allows users to share collections and collaborate with others.
  • Write and Cite – RefWorks is accurate, delivering thousands of customizable citation styles to use within authoring tools.
  • Streamlined Workflows - RefWorks makes research management and paper-writing easy with streamlined workflows that increase productivity.  

Save with a single click. 

  • save an unlimited number of references, fulltext, and other research materials
  • import from online databases, catalogs, reference management tools, and your computer 
  • quickly save references and fulltext from any web page
  • automatically complete citation data using comprehensive ProQuest databases

​Refworks is robust - Organize, Retrieve, Read, and Annotate.

  • organize your data with collections and tags
  • quickly search and find your references and fulltext document
  • read and annotate fulltext documents with highlights and comments from anywhere
  • sync your data to Dropbox and have a local copy of your fulltext

With RefWorks you can smoothly and seamlessly share collections and work with others simultaneously. 

  • collaborate on projects with share full access to resources
  • allow collaborators granular levels of access
  • take advantage of institutional and public collections
  • interactively read, comment, and annotate fulltext with your collaborators
  • Google Docs integration makes for easy collaboration

Write and Cite with RefWorks

  • generate bibliographies and citations in a snap for any authoring tool
  • use RefWorks integrations to insert in-text citation in Word or Google Docs
  • leverage thousands of pre-built citation styles and request new styles
  • customize citation styles or even create your own from scratch