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Jack Gordon Institute: National Security Policy Fellows

A research guide to assist participants in the JGI National Security Policy Program

Research Topic Ideas

Here is a listing of research topics you may find useful as you begin your research. These are only suggestions from previous student  projects. 


- Illicit trafficking of poppy products to the US and law enforcement countermeasures (incl. DEA)

- Russia's Geopolitical Strategy in Cuba 

- Russia's influence operations in the West and active measures in Europe--Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia

- Russia's Mafia and the Russian Mafia

- China's Belt Road and China's Influence in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa

- China's Cyber capabilities

- Foreign cyber attacks on US critical infrastructure - diplomatic, intelligence military, economic

- Global effects of Genome Editing

- Enhanced Cognition studies and theories

- Failed States, Foreign Fighter Mobilization in Libya

- Proliferation of Gangs in Central America's Northern Triangle

- Personnel security studies and the security clearance process

- Automated Intelligence (AI) role in law enforcement, finding runaway, kidnapped and missing people

- Iran state-sponsored Terrorism, Hezbollah & others, is Iran destabilizing middle East regimes?

- Boko Haram organization and operations, manipulation of Nigerian government

- Do violent extremists recruit gang members wh are in and out of US prisons?

- Iran's Disinformation Campaign and implications for discourse with USA

- Disinformation in Latin America (very interesting as USA tries to partner in this hemisphere)

- Daniel Ortega's Leadership of Nicaragua: abuse of protesters, Russia relations, is deposing possible

- Why is Taiwan's relationships with Latin America deteriorating

- How religion affects a Nation's Stability  (Syria, Sudan, etc.)

- India-Pakistan relations, border, nuclear, military, cultural, etc.

- US and China Space Policy, comparison and potential conflicts

- Nation-state threats to US private sectors operating abroad

- Islamic Extremism in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad)