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GIS/RS Data Services

Find support on the Data services and Data Management


IDL, powered by Harris geospatial solution, is the trusted scientific programming language used across disciplines to extract meaningful visualizations from complex numerical data. With IDL you can interpret your data, expedite discoveries, and deliver powerful applications to market.



IDL Dataminer Module: IDL Dataminer is an easy-to-use add-on module to IDL that provides the technology you need for accessing, querying and editing information from common databases, including Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and more. IDL Dataminer makes IDL an even more convenient, flexible tool for scientists, engineers and application developers who do not have the time or expertise to write their own database access routines. Yet it is still advanced enough for power users to design their own SQL queries.

Advanced Math & Stats Module: This add-on solution combines advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities with the comprehensive mathematical and statistical routines of the IMSL™ C Numerical Library — a set of pre-written mathematical and statistical algorithms that can be embedded into your program. 

ModelBuilder is an application you use to create, edit, and manage models. Models are workflows that string together sequences of geoprocessing tools, feeding the output of one tool into another tool as input. ModelBuilder can also be thought of as a visual programming language for building workflows. Here we are going to focus on the ArcGIS Model Builder as a way to create and save a model, so it becomes a model tool.

There are many GIS/RS proprietary software to process geospatial data.

Learn about some commercial GIS/RS software that doesn't require development skill to process your data.