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GIS/RS Data Services

Find support on the Data services and Data Management


The Green Library at MMC has a teaching lab in GL 274 and a studying area (MIUS) in GL 273. The Hubert Library at BBC has a teaching lab in HL 124.  The opening hours for both GL 274 and HL 124 are the same as the library opening hours. The computers available have the following software products on all computers:

Operating System and Microsoft Products

  • Windows 7
  • Office 2016

GIS + RS Software


  • R – Revolution 6.1 (R version 2.14.2)

Environmental Modeling

If you are not currently enrolled in any GIS class, you will need to request a Faculty/Staff/Student account following these steps to use and process data in these computers.

The Instructional and Research Computing Center (IRCC) was established by the Division of Information Technology to provide technologies for faculty and students to enhance their academic curriculum and research.

The IRCC offers a High-Performance Computational (HPC) resource that allows faculty, along with their students, to examine more complex scientific and engineering problems that would otherwise be impossible to solve without this large-scale computing power. In many cases, being able to tackle large-scale problems requires the ability to process and store large data sets. 


As technology advances, research methodologies in the sciences, social sciences and the humanities are also shifting. A new resource at the FIU Libraries, the Digital Scholar Studio aims to provide students and faculty with the necessary tools and training to analyze and create in a technology-driven era. Located at MMC and BBC Campus.


  • 4 PC Lenovo laptops
  • 4 MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display laptops
  • Data Center Storage for file and data archiving
  • 2 portable external storage drives
  • 13 microphones (10 lapel and 3 shotgun microphones)
  • 2 microphone stands
  • 4 camcorders
  • 5 camera/camcorder tripods
  • 2 DSLR cameras
  • 7 AltoEdge USB transcription foot pedal
  • 6  handy portable digital recorders
  • 1 Marantz Professional recorder
  • 5 studio headphones
  • 2 HP flatbed scanners
  • 1 studio lighting kit
  • 1 green screen
  • 1 white/gray reversible backdrop


  • Omeka – Suitable for creating on-line exhibits, visual story telling using timeline, and maps, connect digital archives with story telling. See Gallery for examples.
  • WordPress subscription – Web page creation and hosting
  • ArcMap/ArcCatalog – suitable for geo-spatial data analysis and visualization.
  • ENVI – suitable for remote sensed image processing (E.g LandSAT, aerials).
  • Story Maps ArcGIS – publish maps and geo-tag events on-line
  • Final Cut Pro X (GL 540 only).
  • Express Scribe Transcription.
  • Transcriva

The GC Computer Lab offers FIU students a pleasant environment for study groups to collaborate in class projects, as well as, quiet areas for individual work. Students have access to a variety of discipline-specific software for Windows and Macintosh. The GC lab staff provides students with very responsive and attentive assistance, one-on-one technical support and makes the GC Lab the students' number one choice.


The GC Computer Lab is committed to providing state-of-the-art computing resources, hardware, software, and knowledgeable staff, to help students excel in their academic endeavors.


The computer lab is open to currently registered students. Students will need to sign in and provide a valid Panther ID for entry.