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ENC 1102: Rhetoric and Academic Research

First-Year Writing Program

Instruct: Evaluating Information & Bias

Evaluating results: is this right for me?

Questions to ask:


Relevance & Appropriateness

  1. Does this pertain to your topic?
  2. Is this important to your topic?
  3. Will this support your thesis?

Authority & Credibility

  1. Who is writing this?
  2. Are they qualified to write on this subject?

Accuracy & Verifiability

  1. Are there references to check validity?
  2. Is the data available on claims made?

Bias & Objectivity

  1. Is this author expressing their opinion as fact?
  2. Are they trying to sway your viewpoint?

Currency & Timeliness

  1. When was this written?
  2. Is the date of the information relational to the source?

Scope & Depth

  1. Does it have breadth? Broad in scope
  2. Does it have depth? Intense in scope

Intended Audience & Purpose

  1. Who is this written for?
  2. What are they accomplishing by writing this?