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@FIULibraries: Tap, Scan, Read!

A guide to NFC technology implemented in the FIU Libraries funded by Tech Fee.

Anywhere you see the slogan, @FIULibraries: Tap, Scan, Read! you will find digital library materials that can be delivered to your NFC-Enabled device. Just tap your NFC chip to the content and you should be ready to read within seconds!

What is NFC?

NFC stands for near field communication, a technology that allows two devices to "talk" to each other wirelessly at close range. —From NFC on Windows Phone help page.

Commonly used for mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Mastercard Paypass, etc.), NFC technology is a standard for the wireless transfer of data. In the FIU Libraries, we code NFC tags with helpful information at the point of need.

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Do I have NFC?

Not all phones are equipped with NFC technology. There are two conditions that must be met in order to use this technology in the FIU Libraries:

  1. The NFC Chip (hardware) must be installed on the device.
  2. The Operating System (software) must not restrict the use of NFC to a particular application.

  Available on many devices
  Available on some devices
  Available for iPhones 7, 8 & X who are running iOS 11

I don't have NFC :-(

No worries! A short URL will always be provided so you can access the resource without NFC, you'll just have to type it out old-school. Another option is to use a QR Code reader to save your fingers from all that work. iPhones running iOS 11 have one baked into the camera app. Here are a few alternatives: