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ORCID @ FIU: For Undergraduates

Distinguish yourself from other researchers

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More help info and video tutorials are available:

Go to ORCID Help or check out the selected videos below

BONUS! You may be able to use your ORCID list of scholarly works to populate other forms (think grants, publishers, applications); saving you lots of time and effort.

Questions? Assistance at FIU

Stephanie Brenenson, Graduate Studies/Scholarly Communication Librarian,

Jill Krefft, Digital Commons/Institutional Repository Coordinator,

- OR - Contact your Subject Librarian
The subject liaison to your department can assist you or refer you to an appropriate contact person.

the Basics

How can I get my ORCID iD?

How do I sign in?

How do I add works to my ORCID record?

Under Works, click the +Add Works tab.  There are three ways to add works:

  1. Search and Link will link your works from another system (we suggest trying CrossRef or Scopus first, then others if they seem appropriate, like MLA for humanities)
  2. Import a BibTeX file of your works
  3. Add manually by typing in information about your works

Use your ORCID iD when and where you can

  • Use your ORCID iD when prompted in processes such as manuscript submission and grant proposals and reporting.
  • Link your ORCID iD to (or include it in your profile for) other services, including ResearcherIDfigshare, and your professional organizations.
  • Include your ORCID on conference posters (generate a QR code, if you like, right from your ORCID record page), to direct people to your works.
  • Consider including your ORCID iD on your webpage, in social media accounts, and in your email signature.
  • For display, ORCID recommends using the entire URL and ORCID iD logo:

Use your FIU sign-in to access your ORCID account

When you have an ORCID account, go to sign into ORCID,

1. click Institutional Account (right next to Personal Account),

2. click or type in Florida International University,

3. the FIU Login to ORCID page will appear

4. Enter your FIU info for direct access to your ORCID account!


Do I need to keep my ORCID record up to date?

No. The most important things an individual can do are to (1) register for an ORCID iD, and (2) use itwhen you make contributions (e.g., submit a paper, patent, thesis, grant) or establish a new affiliation (e.g., association membership, employment, education).

Let ORCID work for you! When you use your ORCID iD, you can enable automatic updates of your ORCID record with information about your contributions and affiliations, for example, by Crossref (for publications) or DataCite (for datasets).

Can I control who can see my ORCID record?

For both personal information and information about  your works, three visibility settings are available

  • Public: (recommended for discoverablilty) Information marked as Public (visible by everyone) will be available to the public
  • Trusted parties: information is visible only to individuals and organizations you authorize.
  • Private: information is visible only to you (and individuals you designate). However, your ORCID iD will still function.

For more information, see ORCID Privacy Settings in the ORCID Knowledge Base, and ORCID's privacy policy

More tips for managing your ORCID record

  • Use your FIU credentials to log into On the ORCID sign-in page, select "Institutional Account." You don't have to remember your ORCID iD!
  • Make your works public. This maximizes the potential for integration of your ORCID iD into other systems, and automatic updating of databases to attach your ORCID iD to your works.
  • Add at least some personal information (brief bio, education and/or employment) to your ORCID record, and make it public. This can help others distinguish you from people with the same name, if they don't know your ORCID iD.
  • Don't forget name variants, if you have published under other names or variations of your name it will bring all of your works together under your single ORCID iD.

What if I already have an ORCID identifier?

If you have already created an ORCID iD it will remain the same.  As noted above, you can use your FIU credentials to log into On the ORCID sign-in page, select "Institutional Account." You don't have to remember your ORCID iD!

"How To" Videos from ORCID