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why SoundCite?

What is SoundCite?

SoundCite is an easy to use website that allows users to embed audio files onto a portion of text. This site is supposed to take the hassle out of choosing between listening to something and reading along with it. Instead of jumping between audio and text, SoundCite codes your audio files and allows you to paste them onto your text, applying a mini audio player over text, so you can literally read and listen at the same time. 

"Audio is a powerful device that can add emotion or context to a story. Unfortunately, audio clips force uncomfortable choices: read or listen, but not both. Until now. SoundCite is a simple-to-use tool that lets you add inline audio to your story. The audio is not isolated; it plays right under the text you choose."

SoundCites website allows you to easily create clip codes directly on their site. You can follow three easy steps without having to register and account 

  1. Paste the URL of your SoundCloud, MP3, or Ogg sound
    1. After pasting the main URL, it will create a clip, or upload the audio file for you
  2. Select the Start and End time of the song you want to use in your file. Most users add sound files to emphasis the point they are trying to make in the text.
    1. Once you designate your clip, click Create Clip and Soundcite will generate an embedded code
  3. Copy and Paste your code onto the site you are editing. Pasting the code next to the text you want it to replace will create the best looking format. You can also paste it as a separate link anywhere else you’d like
  4. Copy and Paste step 3’s embedded code at the top of your text post to activate your clip post. This ensures all the code data is functioning correctly

Pro's and Con's of SoundCite


Makes webpages more integrated, adds a new level of user interaction

Makes it easier to listen and read at the same time

Free application that doesn't need to be downloaded. No registration or account needed

Developers are easily accessible to help with problems you may run into


Knowledge of basic HTML will make SoundCite easier to use, especially when running into issues

Does not work on sites that have no HTML programs (example: Word, Facebook)