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PokéGuide: Pokémon GO @FIULibraries

Your definitive PokéGuide to catching 'em all at FIU, brought to you by the FIU Libraries.


If you are wondering why almost every FIU student is walking around campus lately with their phones held up...

Pokémon GO is a freemium augmented reality (AR) game for your smartphone that lets you collect and take pictures of Pokémon (cartoon monsters) superimposed onto your actual location. The game provides a map of Pokémon, items, and gyms (battle arenas) overlaid on a map of the actual terrain around you. Players must walk around with their phones held up to "see" the Pokémon world hidden over the real one.

The best way to understand it is to try it. You can download the game at the following links:

This is what librarians do! We gather and analyze information for reliability, timeliness, and other qualities, organize it, and then provide it to the public. We have hundreds of research guides like this one. Explore them now:

Since several library staff members are playing Pokémon GO, we wanted to share what we have learned while playing the game with the FIU community, plus a few other related resources you might like.

Visitors are welcome to the FIU campuses (although individual buildings may have entry restrictions). See the Walking Routes & HP page of this guide for campus maps.

Here is what you need to know if you want to play Pokémon GO at FIU but aren't a student:

Ryan Reynolds (voice of Pikachu in the film Detective Pikachu) posted this link to the full picture on Twitter. ;)

Pokémon GO Social Media and in the News

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Melissa Del Castillo & Barbara M. Sorondo, FIU Libraries

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Librarians: we would love to see your own Pokémon GO LibGuides! Email us if you would like to share.