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Career & Talent Development Resources

Career Resources for FIU students and alumni.

Career Research for Nursing Professionals

Informational Websites

Careers in Nursing from the Occupational Outlook Handbook

Interested in working for a specific company? Don't just Google! Check out the resources below to find even more company information before you contact or interview. 

Company Information

Private Company Search

Why do industry research?

- To find out more about the company you are interested in.

- To find which career/job best matches your interests and skills.

- To find out if there is a market for your product or idea.


Looking for NAICS Codes? Click HERE.

What is an NAICS Code? Click HERE.


ibrary Databases

NOTE: to search for industry information in Business Insights: Essentials, click the Industry tab in the menu bar a the top of the screen. You can either browse through the 1000+ listings, or search by NAICS code on the left. Click here to learn more about NAICS Codes.

Online Resources

Looking for more books on this topic? Click on the Nursing subject heading to view books on this topic in the Library Catalog:

Government Websites

Informational Websites