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FIU Language Day!

Friday November 15, 2019 11am - 2pm

FIU Language Day 2020 a resounding success!

We were hesitant to proceed with a virtual FIU Language Day due to Zoom burnout and the lack of word-of-mouth advertising. However, we also thought it was an opportunity to bring language lovers together for dialogue and fun and it paid off!!

Twenty-three people participated in a tough game of trivia and 27 joined people to chat in their language of choice.  The feedback was extremely positive and included the following comments:

  • ... As a participant, I had fun! ... they were tough! ... I went to an online trivia contest last week ... And you two did a MUCH better job than they did.
  • The fact that FIU is promoting foreign languages and international culture.
  • Nice break, it was fun.
  • The pleasant and personable hosts :) / enthusiasm
  • Thank you so much for this fun online opportunity. It was great to finally get a chance to participate in an "extra curricular" activity with other students. I've only been on campus a handful of times to meet with a guidance counselor or a professor, never anything social. I feel like this gave me a chance to connect as if I were on campus.
  • It is fun and interactive. It is also engaging and social, which is perfect during the social distancing age.
  • Hearing full conversations in French; getting to practice listening and a little speaking; finding out about the French club and the book club
  • Getting to meet people and hearing new languages
  • I would be interested in recurring language events. I have seen ''mesas de conversacion'' as an example, for Spanish at other universities that meet weekly or bi-weekly. I would be interested in doing this especially given lockdowns and COVID.
  • Given the present circumstances, we cannot ask for more. I think the event was a success!
  • I could have spent all day doing that

Pics from FIU Language Day 2019