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Finding Research Resources

This guide will aid in finding a variety of information types including reference, scholarly articles, images and other media.

Instruct: Getting Started With Research

Getting Started with Research

This module covers why information literacy skills matter and how to get started with a research project, including understanding the process, choosing a topic, and beginning research. Understand what information literacy is and why it is important in school, the workplace, and society. Know resources available to build information literacy skills. Identify how information is needed and used in everyday life. Set goals to build information literacy skills. Identify the steps in the research process. Develop a plan for a research paper. Choose a research topic. Identify keywords, synonyms, and related terms for a project. Recognize the iterative nature of the research process.

Getting Started with Research  
* Instructor Guide: Getting Started with Research
Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters (2019 update)
Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters
Video: Life in the Information Age
Video: Life in the Information Age (2017 update)
Video: The Research Process
Videos: Research Process (2018 update)
Tutorial: Developing a Research Focus
Tutorial: Choosing a Topic
Video: How to Narrow Your Topic
Videos: Beginning Research with Wikipedia/Google
Tutorial: Background Research Tips
Video: Thesis Statements
Quiz: Thesis Statements
Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation (2019 update)
Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation
Quiz: The Research Process
Tutorial: Research for Persuasive Writing
Video: Creating a Research Plan
Video: Framing a Problem
RETIRED Quiz: Research Strategies
Quiz: Research Strategies

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