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Open Access Publishing at FIU

This guide provides application guidelines and procedures for the OAP discounts and other options


The FIU Open Access Publishing Initiative supports the publication of FIU research in approved scholarly open access (OA) journals, making our research freely and globally available.  The Fund pilot will assist FIU authors by paying pre-determined article processing fees for publishing peer-reviewed scholarly articles in approved open access journals, and for a portion of paid open access fees charged by other approved publishers.  Articles in compliance with the following criteria will be funded on a first-come, first served basis.

FIU-OAP Fund support does not imply endorsement of any journal or the research merit of any article.

Regular Review

All aspects of this program, including the amount of funding committed to the program, will be analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis.


For assistance, please contact Stephanie Brenenson at

OA Fund - Suspended; OA Discounts - Continue!

The Open Access Fund is currently suspended and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  In the event that funding becomes available, an announcement will be made to the University community. 

On a positive note, we have memberships with several publishers and receive OA publishing discounts on authors fees.  See the OA Publishing Discounts link at left.

Are there alternative sources of funding?  There may be funds available within individual colleges or schools, so contact your department head and Dean to explore these avenues.

The Fund pilot program began in late Fall 2013 and ran through August 2015.  In just two years, the FIU Libraries funded 112 FIU authors (both faculty and graduate students).  Despite the program’s success, fiscal constraints have led to this suspension.

We will continue to evaluate the viability of the program and seek to work with University partners to continue this effort.  Thank you for your interest and support of the program.

OA Publishing Fund Guidelines and Application Procedures


Authors:  Any FIU Faculty member or doctoral candidate is eligible.  Postdoctoral authors are eligible if FIU is their affiliated institution of record on the publication.  Authors may request up to $3000 per year to pay for article processing fees.  Authors must stipulate that they have no other available funding (e.g. grants or gifts) upon application to this fund.  See Alternate Funding Options, below. 

Multiple authors:  Funding for multi-authored articles will be prorated.  Each eligible author can apply for a prorated portion of the article processing fees.  Essentially, divide the fee by the number of authors.  FIU will pay up to $3000 per article for OA journals or $1500 per article for paid access/hybrid journals (See Journals, below).  For example: An article with three authors, two of whom are from FIU, is to appear in an OA journal with a $3000 processing fee.  Each FIU author may apply for $1000.

Journals:  The Fund covers journal article processing fees charged by approved OA publishers. To identify fees, see individual publisher's sites and/or browse the DOAJ (Directory for Open Access Journals) by Publication charges.

Open Access Journals: Up to $3000 per article is provided to pay publication fees in OA journals that provide free, immediate online access to the full text research articles without restrictions.

Paid Access (hybrid) Journals: Up to $1500 per article is provided to pay for selecting a paid open access option from a traditional publisher that offers a hybrid OA option. 

Alternate Funding Options:  FIU-OAP funds are intended to support open access to research articles where publication fees are not covered by grants or other funding sources.  In order to encourage inclusion of publication fees in future grant applications, articles resulting from awarded grants that allow for budgeting of article processing fees are excluded unless the grant application was submitted prior to the establishment of the FIU-OAP fund, November 1, 2013.


1. Requests for publisher payment may be made as soon as an article is accepted and a statement or invoice for publication charges is received.  A link to the application form is available on the right tab.  Upon submitting the application, the author must email a copy of the statement/invoice to Stephanie Brenenson (  An FIU address should be included on the invoice.  NOTE: An application will not be considered without an invoice from the publisher.

2. Upon funding approval, notices will be sent to the submitter; payment will be sent directly to the publisher.

3. Attribution:  In the author’s acknowledgements, please include the statement: Publication of this article was funded in part by Florida International University Open Access Publishing Fund.

4. Submission requirement: Applicants receiving funding from FIU-OAP are expected to submit a post-review, final draft pdf of the article to FIU’s institutional repository, FIU Digital Commons, at the time funding notification is received.  Contact Jill Krefft ( for assistance.

IMPORTANT: Before an application will be approved, the following must be completed.

  1. A separate application must be submitted for each FIU co-author of the article.
  2. An invoice pdf must be submitted to Stephanie Brenenson ( for all applications.


Methods of payment following application approval:

  1. If the FIU Libraries will be paying the fee directly to the publisher, the invoice is the only documentation required and you will usually need to do nothing more.  We will contact you when payment is made.
  2. If you pay the publisher with a personal card or by using a departmental card and seek to receive a reimbursement or transfer of funds, please note your intentions in your correspondence with Stephanie Brenenson.  After you receive approval for your application, you will need to create an expense report at which time you will need documentation including proof of payment.  Please see the directions below for creating an expense report from use of a personal card.  Instructions for reimbursement/transfer using a Departmental card are forthcoming.


Submit copies of your OA articles funded through FIU’s Open Access Initiative. Digital Commons serves as an open access archive for your scholarship and ensures permanence and increased discoverability of your research.

Contact Jill Krefft, Institutional Repository Coordinator, at for assistance.