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How to Find and Conduct Systematic Reviews

Step-by-step instructions on how to find and conduct systematic reviews, intended for students in the health sciences.


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As the pace of research continues to increase ever more rapidly, systematic reviews have emerged as an increasingly popular way of answering research questions by critically and methodically examining existing research. Use this guide to find existing systematic reviews or follow the steps to create your own.

This guide is intended for students in the health sciences, especially students who are conducting a systematic review (or similar assignment) for the first time. As a result, the guide is meant to be easy-to-follow but not necessarily comprehensive.

Although the resources included in this guide may help faculty and researchers, as well as students of other disciplines, please note that expectations for systematic reviews intended for publication and/or other disciplines may differ. See the Other Systematic Review Resources page of this LibGuide for additional resources, including books, articles, and publication guidelines.

If you would like to learn about systematic reviews in-depth, take this free online course offered by Johns Hopkins University:

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