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Occupational and Physical Therapy Guide

Guide and help center for students and researchers in occupational and physical therapy at FIU.


Peer-reviewed journals only publish articles that have been approved by a panel of experts/researchers/professionals in a field of study. Some professors/assignments will require that you only use peer-reviewed sources.

The video below, from North Carolina State University Libraries, explains peer review and what it means to you. In 3 minutes, this video will help you become familiar with the peer-review process and understand its significance to new knowledge production and scholarly research.


What is the difference between popular and scholarly articles?

Scholarly Journals Trade Publications Magazines
Written for Professors & students Workers in a specific industry General public
Written by Scholars Professional writers and industry experts Professional writers

Usually plain with few color
illustrations; advertisements
limited to books and journals;
may have tables, graphs,
formulas; photographs

Glossy with industry-specific advertisements

Glossy with advertisements

  • Have a list of references (citations), e.g., Works Cited, Bibliography
  • Written in technical and scholarly language
  • Report current and innovative research and scholarship
  • Are usually 10 pages or more in length
  • Reviewed by other scholars prior to publication
  • May have a brief list of sources, e.g., interviews, magazines
  • Written in technical language specific to the industry
  • Report industry trends and news
  • Are usually less than 10 pages in length
  • Reviewed by professional editor employed by the publication
  • Almost never have a list of references or sources
  • Written in relatively simple language appropriate for the intended audience
  • Report current topics and events
  • Are usually less than 10 pages in length
  • Reviewed by professional editor employed by the publication
Examples Journal of Adolescence
Journal of Popular Culture
Advertising Age
CD Computing News