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SPW 5806 Methods of Literary Research

Course guide for SPW 5806, Dr. Renee Silverman, Fall 2021

Finding Books

Start at the FIU Libraries homepage. Click the Log in for Access link. Go to "Find" and click on the "Books, eBooks, Audio &Video" link.

This takes you to the online catalog to search for books and other materials that we own. You can do keyword searches and will probably get some titles. However, you may only get books in English and/or only titles that include your search phrase.

Do your keyword search, and open up a record of a book that interests you.

Look at the subject headings you'll see in the record. Subject headings come from a controlled (assigned) list. They keep materials together on the same subject whether or not the results match your search. A subject search will also bring in books written in other languages.

Here are some sample subject headings, I use dashes below to show subject headings with different elements but it's not necessary to use them in your own searches. You can also omit accent marks found in names:

  • Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de--Criticism and interpretation (for critical material about an author)
  • García Márquez, Gabriel--Cien años de soledad (the book title can also be searched by itself as a subject heading without the author's name)
  • Love in literature--Example of a subject heading pointing to a particular theme within literature. Combine it with Spanish literature--History and criticism
  • Spanish literature--History and criticism (The pattern here is using the adjective for a country with a particular genre. Others follow.)
  • Argentine drama--History and criticism
  • Mexican poetry--History and criticism,
  • Short stories, Colombian--An exception to the patterns of genre given above
  • Hispanic American literature (Spanish) or American literature--Hispanic American authors for topics on US Latinx literature
  • Spanish language--Dictionaries--English (Standard subject heading to find a bilingual dictionary. 'Spanish' and 'English' refer to the languages and not nationalities.)
  • Spanish language--Cuba (Add the name of a country after the name of the language to find materials on linguistic differences.)
  • Spanish language--Grammar (See other subdivisions like lexicology, morphology, phonetics, syntax, etc.)

Language and Linguistics

Catalan   PC3801-3976

Spanish  PC4001-4977

Portuguese PC5001-5498

Basque PH5001-5490

Literature (Belles lettres; literary criticism; literary biography)

LIterature of Spain   PQ6001-6726

Hispanic American Literature   PQ7070-7079.3

General Latin American Literature   PQ7081-7087

Mexican Literature   PQ7100-7300

Literature of the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean   PQ7361

Cuban Literature   PQ7370-7390

Dominican Republic Literature   PQ7400-7409.2

Puerto Rican Literature   PQ7420-7440

Central American Literature   PQ7471-7477

Costa Rican Literature   PQ7480-7489.5

Guatemalan Literature   PQ7490-7499.2

Honduran Literature   PQ7500-7509.2

Nicaraguan Literature   PQ7515-7519.2

Panamanian Literature   PQ7520-7529

El Salvadoran Literature   PQ7530-7539.2

South American Literature   PQ7551-7557

Argentine Literature   PQ7600-7799

Bolivian Literature   PQ7800-7820

Chilean Lilterature   PQ7900-8099

Colombian Literature   PQ8160-8180.36

Ecuadorian Literature   PQ8200-8220.36

Paraguayan Literature   PQ8250-8259.2

Peruvian Literature   PQ8300-8499

Uruguayan Literature   PQ8510-8520.36

Venezuelan Literature   PQ8530-8550.36

Literature of Portugal   PQ9000-9499

Brazilian Literature   PQ9500-9698.436

Lusophone African Literature   PQ9900-9948

American Literature--Hispanic authors PS508.H57



The Citations & Plagiarism guide has great links for assistance in creating citations.