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iPad's: Using, Learning, Teaching

About the iPad

How you use the iPad defines what the iPad really is.  User experiences differ, and this device's flexibility provides the opportunity for a more personal experience than compared to a traditional PC.

iPad Characteristics

  • Touch screen technology means that your finger is the mouse
  • Lightweight, very portable, slender in design
  • 3rd generation has a longer lasting battery, better camera, better display
  • Full browser that needs less apps than iPhones and other smartphone devices, and can access full websites like a PC
  • 5MP camera, still and motion
  • Imbedded microphone
  • Keyboard accessory turns it into a PC for certain needs

iPad Uses

  • Runs apps for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation
  • Create, edit, and post pictures, videos, and presentations
  • Surf the web
  • Read e-books - many e-book publishers, such as Amazon/Kindle, provide an app

App Store - free and for-pay apps you can use for education, entertainment, reading, etc.

Borrowing an iPad

Checking Out an iPad
iPads are available for checkout by currently registered students at the FIU Libraries.

Checkout Locations:
Green Library - Tech Hub Device Checkout Desk, 2nd Floor
Hubert Library - Circulation Desk, 1st Floor

  • Eligibility is limited to full-time or part-time FIU students currently registered and taking classes at the time as checking out an iPad
  • Available for a 24-hour checkout.  Due to demand and limited stock, renewals are not allowed.
  • First come, first served basis.  Advance booking not available.
  • Late fines and charges for damaged or stolen devices will be applied.
  • iPads must remain in the protective casing at all times.

iPad Resources

Apple iPad Home - General information about the iPad including features, apps, specifications, and ordering.

iPad and Education - Educational uses and ideas as suggested by Apple

iPad Academy - From Andrew J. Brovey, a former tenured professor, a website devoted to learning and using iPads.  Contains free tips and for-pay online classes.

MacWorld iPad 3rd Generation Review - Discusses improvements in features, power, and battery life compared to the iPad 2, plus a user experience review.

iPad User Guide from Apple

Apple App Store - the official iPad app source, free and for-pay apps

Free iPad Apps - non-Apple source for iPad apps