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ETD Guide

Detailed Guide through the ETD process

Before and After

Before Defense:

  • Prepare for the the defense (D-5/M-3): FORMS and DEADLINES
    • Hardcopy, unbound draft of manuscript and D5/M3 must be turned into UGS before defense.

After Defense:

  1. You'll need to make any necessary adjustments to your thesis or dissertation as per request of UGS formatting and committee input.    
  2. You may need to resubmit your thesis or dissertation to your academic unit along with your Final ETD Approval Form and supporting documentation (Click here for requirements   |   Click here for deadlines).
  3. After gathering all the necessary approval and signatures, the paperwork will come to UGS.
  4. Once UGS receives paperwork, you'll receive an email to upload your Electronic Thesis or Dissertation.  This email will be sent between the D5/M3 Deadline and the Final ETD Approval Form Deadline.
  5. Upload your ETD (Watch videos and upload).