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ETD Guide

Detailed Guide through the ETD process


When you turn in your D5/M3 before your defense, this is what you'll need:

D5/M3 form Signed
Hard-copy of manuscript        
Not hardbound or hole punched. Prefer single-sided.
Defense Announcement (PDF) (WORD)

One hard-copy and one electronic copy emailed beforehand to

Proof of enrollment 
Print out of my.fiu or pathersoft course schedule.  Not offical transcript.
  • Paperwork is due 3 weeks before defense 
  • If defending during the semester in which you will graduate, there is a defense (and D5/M3) deadline
    • for instance, if May 22 is the defense deadline, the paperwork deadline is May 1
  • Check your academic unit deadlines, which are usually a week or more before UGS deadlines
  • Hard-copy draft may not be reviewed and returned before defense, although we try
  • After the defense, you will make all edits from UGS and committee, and commence the Final ETD Approval Steps.