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FIU Digital Project Guidelines and Help Materials

The internal standard operating procedures for FIU Libraries' digital collections

Finding Duplicate Values in the Same Column

Using this technique you can identify duplicate values within the same column. The formula described below compares the value in a row to the row above it and generates either a "same" designation or a "different" designation allowing you the quickly determine duplicate values.

1. Select the column you would like to identify duplicate values in. Use the Sort values from A-Z function.

2. In another column, enter the formula: =IF(B1=B2,"Same","Different"). The letter is the column in which in you are comparing values, and the number is the row # you are comparing.

3. Drag the formula down the column to apply the formula for all values.

Finding Duplicates in 2 Different Columns

1. Select Both Columns.

2. From the Home Tab, select Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules > Duplicate Values.

3. Duplicate Values will be highlighted.